Another milestone on the road to Zen with Ingeniweb components
Latest version : 1.0.2

Content Dispatcher

> Dispatch content over many plone sites in one click ! <

About Content Dispatcher

Dispatch content over many plone sites in one click !

Content Dispatcher has been designed by the INGENIWEB team.

Content Dispatcher 1.0.2 is licensed under the GNU GPL license.

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The action:


the configlet:




Let a content to be dispatch over many plone sites in one click.


Plone 2.1 or >

Zope 2.8 or >


  1. Copy the directory of this product in your product's directory of your Zope instance.
  2. Go to the Quick Installer and install Content Dispatcher.
  3. Go to the Content Dispatcher Configlet and set up it.


Install this products on all instances that will use Content Dispatcher.

On the sender instance:

1. Set up URLs of receiver instances that should receive content dispatched by your users. (put the URL of the Plone's root and the email of the user that has to be notified of new content)

2. Set the login and the password the user that will connect to the receiver instances

On the receivers instances:

1. Create a user with local manager privileges on the folder that will receive contents. This is needed to import zexp.

  1. Set-up the path of the folder that will receive imported contents

3. Write or complete the email template that will be send to the user set-up on the sender instance


All users that can review content can use a special action (in the action menu) called "dispatch" that will dispatch this content to all receiver instances.


If an error occurs when a content is dispatched, the site administrator has to look for Content Dispatcher entries in the Zope Event log.

Copyright and License

Copyright (C) 2006 Ingeniweb SAS

Content Dispatcher is protected by the terms of the GPL v2 license. See the LICENSE file for details.


Newer releases

Newer release may be available from

SVN repository

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The Ingeniweb team <>

This product use an icon from the Silk icon set 1.3 by Mark James. It is is under a "Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License":

See "": for details.


Mail to "Ingeniweb support"


Released versions

Released versions of Content Dispatcher are available here. The current version is 1.0.2.

CVS version

The repository contains the up-to-date versions of our source code. In order to get the HEAD branch of ContentDispatcher, use :

svn co

You can also browse the CVS with your browser.



Please take time the read the Readme




Content Dispatcher changes

1.0.2 - 2007-01-17
  • update for Plone 2.5.2
1.0.1 - 2006-10-11
  • add i18n and french l10n
  • update documentation
1.0.0 - 2006-10-09
  • First release

Content Dispatcher ChangeLog is also available for detailed informations.