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Group User Folder

> A Zope Product that manages Groups of Users <

About Group User Folder

A Zope Product that manages Groups of Users

Group User Folder has been designed by the INGENIWEB team.

Group User Folder 3.55.1 is licensed under the GNU GPL license.

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The way GRUF shows-up in the Zope Management Interface


Detail of GRUF in ZMI


The overview page with many users


The groups management interface


A sample security audit page



(c)2002-03-04 Ingeniweb

(This is a structured-text formated file)


GroupUserFolder is a kind of user folder that provides a special kind of user management. Some users are "flagged" as GROUP and then normal users will be able to belong to one or serveral groups.

See for detailed information.




Group and "normal" User management is distinct. Here's a typical GroupUserFolder hierarchy:

- acl_users (GroupUserFolder)
|-- Users (GroupUserFolder-related class)
| |
| |-- acl_users (UserFolder or derived class)
|-- Groups (GroupUserFolder-related class)
| |
| |-- acl_users (UserFolder or derived class)

So, INSIDE the GroupUserFolder (or GRUF), there are 2 acl_users :

  • The one in the 'Users' object manages real users
  • The one in the 'Groups' object manages groups

The two acl_users are completely independants. They can even be of different kinds. For example, a Zope UserFolder for Groups management and an LDAPUserFolder for Users management.

Inside the "Users" acl_users, groups are seen as ROLES (that's what we call "groles") so that roles can be assigned to users using the same storage as regular users. Groups are prefixed by "group " so that they could be easily recognized within roles.

Then, on the top GroupUserFolder, groups and roles both are seen as users, and users have their normal behaviour (ie. "groles" are not shown), except that users affected to one or several groups have their roles extended with the roles affected to the groups they belong to.

Just for information : one user can belong to zero, one or more groups. One group can have zero, one or more users affected.

[2003-05-10] There's currently no way to get a list of all users belonging to a particular group.


...will be documented soon...


See the dedicated README-Plone file.

GRUF AND SimpleUserFolder

You might think there is a bug using GRUF with SimpleUserFolder (but there's not): if you create a SimpleUserFolder within a GRUF a try to see it from the ZMI, you will get an InfiniteRecursionError.

That's because SimpleUserFolder tries to fetch a getUserNames() method and finds GRUF's one, which tries to call SimpleUserFolder's one which tries to fetch a getUserNames() method and finds GRUF's one, which tries to call SimpleUserFolder's one which tries to fetch a getUserNames() method and finds GRUF's one, which tries to call SimpleUserFolder's one which tries to fetch a getUserNames() method and finds GRUF's one, which tries to call SimpleUserFolder's one which tries to fetch a getUserNames() method and finds GRUF's one, which tries to call SimpleUserFolder's one which tries to fetch a getUserNames() method and finds GRUF's one, which tries to call SimpleUserFolder's one which tries (see what I mean ?)

To avoid this, just create a new_getUserNames() object (according to SimpleUserFolder specification) in the folder where you put your SimpleUserFolder in (ie. one of 'Users' or 'Groups' folders).

GRUF also implies that the SimpleUserFolder methods you create are defined in the 'Users' or 'Groups' folder. If you define them above in the ZODB hierarchy, they will never be acquired and GRUF ones will be catched instead, causing infinite recursions.




There is a bug using GRUF with Zope 2.5 and Plone 1.0Beta3 : when trying to join the plone site as a new user, there is a Zope error "Unable to unpickle object"... I don't know how to fix that now. With Zope 2.6 there is no such bug.


If you put a file named 'debug.txt' in your GRUF's product directory, it will switch the product in debug mode next time you restart Zope. This is the common behaviour for all Ingeniweb products. Debug mode is normally just a way of printing more things on the console. But, with GRUF, debug mode (since 3.1 version) enables a basic user source integrity check. If you've got a broken user folder product on your hard drive that you use as a source with GRUF, it will allow you to unlock the situation.


GRUF > 2 is released under the terms of the Zope Public Licence (ZPL). Specific arrangements can be found for closed-source projects : please contact us.


Released versions

Released versions of Group User Folder are available here. The current version is 3.55.1.

CVS version

The repository contains the up-to-date versions of our source code. In order to get the HEAD branch of GroupUserFolder, use :

svn co

You can also browse the CVS with your browser.



Please take time the read the Readme


Can I nest some GRUFs?
Maybe... but what for ?
Does GRUF support nested groups ?
Nested groups in group-whithin-a-group feature. And, yes, GRUF supports it since 1.3 version.
Does GRUF support multiple user sources ?
Multiple user sources is a feature that would allow you to store users in several userfolders. For example, you could have your regular admin users in a standard User Folder, your intranet users in an LDAPUserFolder and your extranet users in an SQL-based user folder GRUF supports this from version 2.0Beta1.
Can I use GRUF outside Plone ?
Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. This is a major design consideration for us.
Is GRUF stable ?
It's used in a production environment for several major websites. Furthermore, it's qualified to be included in Plone 1.1. It's considered reliable enough - except for "Beta" versions, of course.
Is GRUF maintained ?
Yes, it is, actively. Features (especially regarding useablility) are often added to GRUF. Official releases are considered very stable.
Can I help ?
Yes, for sure ! GRUF is an Open-Source project and we, at Ingeniweb, are always happy to help people getting involved with our products. Just contact us to submit your ideas, patches or insults ! :-) In any case, if you want to work on GRUF's CVS, please work in a branch, never on the HEAD! I want this to ensure the latest CVS HEAD is always very stable.
Why cannot I assign local roles to groups using Plone 2.0.x ?
There's a bug in Plone's folder_localroles_form in Plone 2.0.x, preventing it to work with GRUF 3. That's because group name is passed to GRUF's methods instead of group id. To solve this, you either have to fix the form by yourself (replace group_name by group_id), or wait for Plone 2.1 ;) A sample fixed form is provided in the gruf_plone_2_0 skin folder (which is NOT installed by default).
Does GRUF work with CASUserFolder
There are two CASUserFolder implementation. One made by a clown and one made by a megalomaniac ;) I prefer the first one. He prefers me anyway ;) See this page for more information:



Group User Folder changes

v3.55.1 - 2007-11-08

  • Fix #6984: Now GroupData verifies if it is related to GRUF group or PlonePAS group. [encolpe]

v3.54.4 - 2007-04-29

  • Death to tabindexes! [limi]

v3.54.3 - 2007-04-16

  • Update methods to provide protection against XSS attacks via GET requests [bloodbare, alecm]

v3.54.2 - 2007-02-06

  • Fix a bug in group removing in another group. [encolpe]

v3.54.1 - 2006-12-15

  • Fix _getMemberIds for LDAPUserFolder 2.7 when groups are stored in LDAPUF [encolpe]
  • Got rid of zLOG in favor of logging. [stefan]
v3.54 - 2006-09-19
  • Fix a bug with LDAPUserFolder where another UserFolder was returned when LUF was requested [jvloothuis]
v3.53 - 2006-09-08
  • Removed refresh.txt. You should add this locally if you want to use it. [hannosch]
  • getUsers: efficiency improvement: anti-double user inclusion is done by checking key presence in a dict instead of looking up name in a list [b_mathieu]
  • Fix searchUsersByAttribute returning twice the same user id when a second source is present [b_mathieu]

v3.52 - 2006-05-30

  • Plone 2.1 service release

v3.51 - 2006-05-15

  • Changed getLocalRolesForDisplay to check for 'Manage properties' instead of 'Access contents information'. This is still not perfect but at least Anonymous can no longer get at local roles information this way. Fixes [stefan]
  • Remove some noise log message and the product name parameter from ToolInit. [hannosch]
  • Forces exact match with LDAP on user search

v3.5 - 2005-12-20

  • By default, uses title instead of meta_type in the source management pages. [pjgrizel]
  • It's now possible to search very quickly users from a group in LDAP; long-awaited improvement! [pjgrizel]
  • Correct some wrong security settings. [hannosch]
  • Fix some stupid failing tests so finally all tests pass again. [hannosch]
  • Fix encoding warning in [encolpe]
  • Made the GroupDataTool call notifyModified() on members who are added or removed from a group [bmh]

v3.4 - 20050904

  • Dynamically fixed the remaining bug in folder_localrole_form.
  • Now the users tab in ZMI allow you to search a user (useful w/ LDAP)
  • Fixed a bug in Plone 2.0 UI when searching a large set of users
  • Added a 'wizard' tab to help in managing LDAP sources.
  • Fixed getProperty in GroupDataTool not to acquire properties. [panjunyong]

[v3.3 - 20050725]

  • Added an 'enable/disable' feature on the sources. Now, you can entierly disable a users source without actually removing it. Very useful for testing purposes!
  • Removed an optimization when user is None in authenticate(), so than you can use GRUF with CASUserFolder (thanks to Alexandre Sauv?>)
  • Fixed 1235351 (possible infinite recursion in an audit method)
  • Fixed [ 1243323 ] GRUF: bug in createGrouparea() in

[v3.23 - 20050724]

  • Fixed unit tests. Now the unit tests are working with the latest ZTC version. [tiran]

[v3.22 - 20050706]

  • Fixed a missing import in ( [hannosch]
  • Fixed a nested groups issue with LDAPUserFolder. This is not a widely used schema with ldap anyway. [pjgrizel]
  • Fixed LDAPUserFolderAdapter's search_by_dn bug: search by _login_attr but not _rdnattr [panjunyong]
  • _getLocalRolesForDisplay was marking users as groups for groups that had the same as users ( Made unit tests run even if LDAPUserFolder is not installed. [alecm]

[v3.2 - 20050307]

Service release.

[v3.2RC2 - 20050305]

  • Now your user sources (especially LUF) can have a 'portait' property which will be used as your user's portrait. This works only in 'preview.txt'-mode.
  • You can put a 'notifyGroupAreaCreated' in your 'groups' folder as you would be able to put a 'notifyMemberAreaCreated' in your 'members' folder. So you can execute some code at group area creation. Thanks to F. Carlier !
  • Added a helper table on the sources tab to help managing LUF group mappings
  • Fixed a bug in Zope 2.7 preventing the zope quickstart page to show up. A hasUsers() method was missing from GRUF's API.
  • Fixed a bug in ZMI which prevented LUF cached users to be individually managed by GRUF.

[v3.2RC1 - 20041215]

  • _doChangeUser and _doChangeGroup lost existing groups if the groups argument was omitted. Fixed these and the Zope 2.5-style APIs accordingly. [stefan]
  • Updated API to have a better conformance to the original Zope API. Thanks to Stefan H Holek for this clever advice.
  • Uncommented cache clearing code in _doChangeUser as it appears to be required. [stefan]
  • Added a Plone 2.0 optional patch to improve LDAP and groups management. It's basically a preview of what will be done in Plone 2.1 for users managment. For example, now, you can assign local roles to users in your LDAP directory, EVEN if they're not in the cache in folder_localrole_form. Other "preview" features will come later. Please read README and files for more explanations on these.
  • Made manage_GRUFUsers page a little faster with LDAP by preventing users count.
  • Fixed [ 1051387 ] addGroup fails if type 'Folder' is not implicitly addable.
  • Fixed other minor or cosmetic bugs
  • Group mapping is automatically created by LDAPGroupFolder when you create a group with its interface.

v3_1_1 - 20040906

  • Fixed a bug in getProperty() - it always returned None !
  • Fixed a bug which caused AUTHENTICATED_USER source id to be invalid

v3_1 - 20040831

  • Group-to-role mapping now works for LDAPGroupFolder
  • Debug mode now allows broken source not to be checken against
  • Fixed getUser() bug with remote_user_mode (getUser(None) now returns None). Thanks to Marco Bizzari.

v3_0 - 20040623

  • Minor interface changes
  • Documentation update


  • Various bug fixes
  • Better support for Plone UI. PLEASE USE PLONE2's pjgrizel-gruf3-branch IN SVN! See README-Plone for further explanation



v2_0 - 20040302

  • Reindexing new GroupSpace objects 2004/03/10 Maik Rder
  • Speedup improvements by Heldge Tesdal
  • Fixed ZMI overview refreshing bug
  • GroupsTool method createGrouparea now calls the GroupSpace method setInitialGroup with the group that it is created for. In case this method does not exists, the default behaviour is employed. This is done so that the GroupSpace can decide on its own what the policy should be regarding the group that it is initially created for. See the implementation of GrufSpaces for an example of how this can be used in order to give the initial group the role GroupMember. 2004/02/25 Maik Rder
  • Removed GroupSpace code, which can now be found in 2004/02/25 Maik Rder

v2_0Beta3 - 20040224

  • Improved performance on LDAP Directories
  • Fixed various Plone UI bugs (password & roles changing)
  • Fixed "AttributeError: URL1" bug in ZMI

v2_0Beta2 - 20031222

  • Added GroupSpace object for Plone websites (see website/GroupSpaceDesign_xx.stx)
  • Fixed __getattr__-related bug
  • Fixed inituser-related bug
  • Cosmetic fixes and minor bugs

v2_0Beta1 - 20031026

  • Include support for multi-sources

v1_32 - 20030923

  • Pass __getitem__ access onto user objects (XUF compatibility)
  • Allow ZMI configuration of group workspaces (CMF Tool)
  • Added security declarations to CMF tools
  • new getPureUserNames() and getPurseUsers() methods to get user objects without group objects

v1_31 - 20030731

  • Many performance improvements (tree and audit views)
  • Fixed a recursion pb. on the left pane tree (!)
  • Added a batch view for "overview" page when there's more than 100 users registered in the system

v1_3 - 20030723

  • GRUF NOW SUPPORTS NESTED GROUPS - Transparently, of course.
  • Updated website information & screenshots
  • Major ZMI improving, including everywhere-to-everywhere links, edition of a single user or group, and minor cosmetic fixes
  • The tree view in ZMI now show groups and user (if there's no more than 50, to avoid having server outage)
  • Improved performance
  • Improved test plan
  • Fixed a bug in password generation algorythm with non-iso Python installs
  • Fixed a minor bug in group acquisition stack (it apparently had no side-effect)

v1_21 - 20030710

  • ZMI cosmetic fixes
  • Fixed the bug that prevented LDAP-defined attributes to be acquired by GRUFUser. This bug showed-up with LDAPUserFolder.

v1_2 - 20030709

  • HTML documentation
  • Add a management tab on GRUF to allow users and groups to be created at this top-level management interface.

v1_1 - 20030702

  • Security improvements
  • Added an 'audit' tab to check what's going on
  • GroupsTool and GroupDataTool added for Plone
  • Improved Plone skins
  • Improved Plone installation
  • GRUF Users now 'inherit' from their underlying user object

v1_0RC1 - 20030514

  • Code cleaning
  • Documentation improving
  • API improving (added a few utility methods)
  • UI improving (see skins changes)
  • getId() bug fixing (see ChangeLog)

v0_2 - 20030331

  • Users are now acquired correctly, which prevents you from hotfixing anything !!! :-)
  • This fixed Zope 2.5 w/ Plone bug
  • Better log reporting
  • Validated with LDAPUserFolder and SimpleUserFolder

v0_1 - 20021126

  • User creation is now supported
  • Fixed a bug (with an axe) that prevented Zope module code to work. The calls aq_inner and aq_parent methods on a User object to get its security context. So it found the underlying User object instead of the GRUF itself. So we fixed this by setting dummy UserFolder-context methods on the GRUFUser objects. This is ugly and should be fixed later by acquiring the underlying User object from a better context.
  • Fixed getUserName in GRUFUser that returned group names without the "group" prefix.
  • Fixed various "cosmetic" bugs
  • Documented the whole stuff

v0_0 - 20021126

Started to work on this wonderful product.

Group User Folder ChangeLog is also available for detailed informations.