Another milestone on the road to Zen with Ingeniweb components
Latest version : 2.02


> A Plone content type to manage i18n folder <

About I18NFolder

A Plone content type to manage i18n folder

I18NFolder has been designed by the INGENIWEB team.


Here comes a few screenshots of I18NFolder administration interface.


Management screen where to add an I18NFolder (Add french language)


A dropdown menu allows you to manage quickly languages


I18NFolder languages management screen (French language already added)


Add english title and description


I18NFolder languages management screen (French and English languges added)



(c)2003 Ingeniweb

This product allow you to create multilingual folders.


  • Untar it ! :-)


  • Use the quickinstaller tool or create an external method at your Plone's root with the following information:

    id: InstallI18NFolderProduct

    title: Whatever you want

    module: I18NFolder.Install

    function: install

  • Click the test tab of this External Method and ensure the execution is correct.

I18NLayer Compliant

  • It is recommended to use I18NLayer 0.5.5 or later with I18NFolder
  • I18NFolder supports the special language dropdown menu introduced in I18NLayer 0.5.5 which serves for easy adding of localized content.
  • To enable this feature, put the I18NFolder layer in front of the "i18n_layer_plone2" layer in the portal_skins properties.

PloneLanguageTool Compliant

  • I18NFolder integrates well with PloneLanguageTool


Released versions

Released versions of I18NFolder are available from sourceforge, here. Latest version is 2.02.

CVS version

The CVS contains the latest and historised versions of our source code. In order to get the HEAD branch of I18NFolder, use :

cvs -z3 co I18NFolder

You can also browse the CVS with your browser.



Please take time the read the Readme


Which languages are managed in I18NFolder ?
By default, I18NFolder uses available languages list defined in Plone. If you install PloneLanguageTool product, I18NFolder uses languages list managed in this tool.
Can I use I18NFolder with I18NLayer product ?
Yes, you can. I18NLayer 0.5.5 version and after has implemented the same dropdown menu as I18NFolder. To use these two products with language dropdown menu, you must add in portal_skins properties, I18NFolder layer in front of i18n_layer_plone2.



I18NFolder changes


  • Build one entry in catalog for each defined language.

2.0.2 - 2004-06-14

  • Add permission to edit I18NFolder
  • 2004/04/28: getDefinedLanguages threw an error when the defined languages were changed. Avoided this problem with a try except. (Maik Röder,

2.0.1 - 2004-03-25

  • fix bug with portal_factory

2.0 - 2004-03-21

  • Add permission to create I18NFolder

0.1Beta1 - 2004-03-01

  • First version

I18NFolder ChangeLog is also available for detailled informations.