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Latest version : 2.2.2


> A chat product for Plone. <

About PloneChat

A chat product for Plone.

PloneChat has been designed by the INGENIWEB team.

PloneChat 2.2.2 is licensed under the GNU GPL license.

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Screenshot of the main interface


Screenshot of the interface with tabs


View of the users with specific role for the chat


Give a specific Role to a user




This product is chat (interactive discussion tool) product for Zope/CMF/Plone.


  • Zope 2.7
  • Plone 2.0.5+
  • Archetypes 1.3.3


  • Untar it inside your Zope "Products" directory
  • Install the product on your plone site with quickinstaller


  • View tab :
Will allow you to discuss with other people connected in the chat room.
  • Moderation Tab:
Will allow the moderator to accept or edit users messages. To edit a message just double click on it, a text area will be show. Changes will be done on validation. IMPORTANT : If your chat is set with moderation, 'defaut' users won't be able to discuss with other and will have to wait until a moderator review their message.
  • Members:
Will allow you to choose who's going to moderate users.
  • PloneChat Tool:
You can change the storage method between a text file (csv) and a database that you've already set up. (Check Storage section for better info)
  • Portlet :
It will allow you to see members connected in any chat rooms anywhere in your plone site. You can put a portlet in your Plone Site properties by adding 'here/portlet_chat_users/macros/portlet' in left or right slot


  • How to define the storage for your PloneChat ?

    For now, 2 storages are available : "sql", "csv".

    Once Product PloneChat is installed in a plone instance, it creates a tool named "portal_plone_chat". In the "Chat properties" tabs, there is a field named "plonechat_sql_conn". If you leave it empty, the CSV file storage will be used. Else, the string has to be a valid SQL Connector id. The PloneChatTool will create an instance of your chat storage.

  • CSV Storage

    "csv" is the default storage, and will store all messages inside

    files in "$INSTANCE_HOME/var/Plonechat" in 3 files :

    • "chat_${chat_uid}.csv" : will store the last moderated messages (see the "maxMessageNumber" field to define the max size for this file);
    • "chat_${chat_uid}_pending.csv" : will store all unmoderated messages;
    • "chat_${chat_uid}.log" : will store all moderated messages;
  • SQL Storage

The connector must have a connection to a database with a table named "plonechat_logs". The table is created upon storage creation, your sql connector must have the right to create a table.
  • IPloneChatStorage interface

All storages modules must implements this interface. So it will be easy to add new storage possibilities.

see "/interfaces/" for more informations


You can define on PloneChat object these fields:

  • the "refresh rate": a low refresh rate will increase the CPU load. A good refresh rate is 5 seconds;

  • the "max message number": define how many messages you want to

    display inside the chat window. Higher is this value, slower is the chat. A good value for this field is 50. User could at any time see all the logs if necessary;

  • the "only update": It will only get messages you still have not retrieved.

    Might not be really usefull with cache.

PloneChat and cache

caching the url "mychaturl/getModeratedMessages" will really increase the perfs for high traffic chats. Set the caching refresh rate to 5 seconds will send to zope 1 request every 5 seconds, when cache will send to users hundreds request.

If you are using cache, you will be able to set the refresh rate to 2 seconds.

PloneChat and RAMCache

For now, PloneChat can not use RAMCache, see "TO DO" section below.


If you are using zeo, you have to use the "sql" storage.


Moderation is based on Zope's roles, according to the following schema:
  • 'Member' role gives user the permission to chat moderatedly
  • 'Owner' role gives user the ability to chat unmoderatedly
  • 'Reviewer' role gives user the ability to moderate a chat.

This is hard-coded but very easy to change. An interface similar to Plone's folder_localrole_form is provided so that it's easy to change roles.

IMPORTANT : It's impossible for the chat creator to assign the Reviewer role to himself. We changed this, however, to give a Reviewer local role at object instanciating, to give the possiblity for the object creator to be Moderator as well.


When you use the SQL backend, the date format is as follow:

  • %a Abbreviated weekday name (Sun..Sat)
  • %b Abbreviated month name (Jan..Dec)
  • %c Month, numeric (0..12)
  • %D Day of the month with English suffix (0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ...)
  • %d Day of the month, numeric (00..31)
  • %e Day of the month, numeric (0..31)
  • %f Microseconds (000000..999999)
  • %H Hour (00..23)
  • %h Hour (01..12)
  • %I Hour (01..12)
  • %i Minutes, numeric (00..59)
  • %j Day of year (001..366)
  • %k Hour (0..23)
  • %l Hour (1..12)
  • %M Month name (January..December)
  • %m Month, numeric (00..12)
  • %p AM or PM
  • %r Time, 12-hour (hh:mm:ss followed by AM or PM)
  • %S Seconds (00..59)
  • %s Seconds (00..59)
  • %T Time, 24-hour (hh:mm:ss)
  • %U Week (00..53), where Sunday is the first day of the week
  • %u Week (00..53), where Monday is the first day of the week
  • %V Week (01..53), where Sunday is the first day of the week; used with %X
  • %v Week (01..53), where Monday is the first day of the week; used with %x
  • %W Weekday name (Sunday..Saturday)
  • %w Day of the week (0=Sunday..6=Saturday)
  • %X Year for the week where Sunday is the first day of the week, numeric, four digits; used with %V
  • %x Year for the week, where Monday is the first day of the week, numeric, four digits; used with %v
  • %Y Year, numeric, four digits
  • %y Year, numeric, two digits
  • %% A literal %.


  • Add the possibility to cache getModeratedMessages in RAMCache -->

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Bullet list ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.

create a py script;

  • add the possibility for admin to limit the chat users number;


  • Opera browser does not support PloneChat for now;
  • Encoding problems on konqueror and IE;


Released versions

Released versions of PloneChat are available here. The current version is 2.2.2.

CVS version

The repository contains the up-to-date versions of our source code. In order to get the HEAD branch of PloneChat, use :


You can also browse the CVS with your browser.



Please take time the read the Readme




PloneChat changes

[v2.2.1 - 2006-02-15] * Begining of portlet for listing chat users

[v2.2 - 2006-01-26]

  • Fixed chat_storage bug after installation
  • Can choose a SQLConnectorID in a combo box
  • Refresh users and chat at the same time
  • Improved UI + an optional tabbed display
  • Enhanced moderation form
  • Added an "Fetch only new messages" mode

[v2.1rc1 - 2005-09-23]

  • Migrate to Archetypes 1.3.3
  • Rewrite all unittests


  • Make Installation work with Plone 2.1
  • During installation in Plone 2.1, there was an AttributeError: getDomainInfo, so the installMessageCatalog is no more called in now. 2005/07/28 MR
  • edit form is now compatible with Plone 2.05 and 2.1. Using the here/calendar_slot/macros/calendarDatePickerBox | here/calendar_macros/macros/calendarDatePickerBox trick in the page template for backwards and forwards compatability 2005/07/28 MR

[v2.0 - 2004-03-23]

  • Add clear feature to empty chat content

[v2.0Beta1 - 2004-01-06]

  • Support for plone 2.0. Connected member frame.

[v0.4 - 2003-09-01]

  • Support for plone 1.0.4

[v0.3 - 2003-05-14]

  • UI fixes
  • i18n management improvements

[v0.2 - 2003-03-31]

  • Various improvements

PloneChat ChangeLog is also available for detailed informations.