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What is PloneFolderOrder ?


How does it work ?

To make PloneFolderOrder work with any existing content types, it also contains some hotfixes that change the internal workings of Plone.

First of all it adds an order property to all folderish objects.

The standard Plone script getFolderContent is overriden so it will use the order property to display the content of a folder.

A new method is bound to PortalContentObject and PortalContentFolder : getOrderFromParentFolder.

This method is used in the navigation tree properties to retrieve the object order and have a correct display.

To access the order management view from a folder, an action 'order' has been added to folderish objects.


Is it compatible with...
  • CMF ? No.
  • Plone ? Yes.
  • My existing Plone instance ? Yes, all will be hotfixed transparently.



PloneFolderOrder is shipped as a tarball for Plone. See The Ingeniweb Projects for more information.

Official releases

Releases are now hosted by SourceForge. The latest release can always be found here.

  • 1.0 (2003-10-29): Minor changes (spaces, comment). Uninstall infos in install.txt.
  • 0.9 (2003-08-04): First attempt to show that this product works !


You can checkout the CVS anonymously with the following commands:

cvs login 
cvs -z3 co PloneFolderOrder

You can browse CVS at Sourceforge.



Here come a few screenshots of the PloneOrderFolder administration interface.

The order management screen


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I easily install or remove PloneFolderOrder?
    Yes, with the CMF QuickInstaller Tool. See Install.txt for more infos.
  • What happens to folders that have no order?
    As a default order, the creation date is used.
  • Does PloneOrderFolder affect my content ?
    No, the content is kept safe. Only folderish objects will have a new attribute to stock the order.
  • Is PloneFolderOrder the same thing as Ordered Folder ?



Here are some links of interest regarding PloneFolderOrder or other assorted tools.


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