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What is PloneKeywordExplorer ?


How does it work ?


A search form is provided that offers a choice of keywords. These keywords are chosen from the published documents of your site. You can select and remove keywords by clicking on them.


Is it compatible with...
  • CMF ? No.
  • Plone ? Yes.
  • My existing Plone instance ? Yes.



PloneKeywordExplorer is shipped as a tarball for Plone. See The Ingeniweb Projects for more information.

Official releases

Releases are now hosted on SourceForge. The latest release can always be found here.

  • 0.1


You can checkout the CVS anonymously with the following commands:

cvs login 
cvs -z3 co PloneKeywordExplorer

You can browse CVS at Sourceforge.



Here come a few screenshots of PloneKeywordExplorer.

The search form of PloneKeywordExplorer.

The view of a result shown by PloneKeywordExplorer.



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