Another milestone on the road to Zen with Ingeniweb components
Latest version : 2.5.1


> A Plone poll tool <

About PlonePopoll

A Plone poll tool

PlonePopoll has been designed by the INGENIWEB team.

PlonePopoll 2.5.1 is licensed under the GNU GPL license.

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Here comes a few screenshots of PlonePopoll administration interface.


Creating a poll


What a poll looks like


The results view


Edit form with new setting available(v2.1)


User can choose several answers (v2.1)


The portlet of a multichoice poll (v2.1)


The results for multiple choice



This is a Poll tool for Zope


  • Zope 2.7
  • Plone 2.0.5+
  • Archetypes 1.3.3


A poll can be in one and only one of those states:

  • enabled
  • disabled

Results can be in one and only one of those states:

  • visible
  • not visible

Poll can have multiple choice activated, determining how many choice a user can do.


Within Plone, it's possible to vote for a poll only if it is enabled AND published.

Results are displayed only when the Results Visibility is set to visible


Migrate to Archetypes

Backup your ZODB Go to QuickInstaller Tool in your ZMI Click "Reinstall"

  • Note: It is important to do 'Reinstall' instead of 'Uninstall' + 'Install' to not loose poll results

API Documentation:

Information about PlonePopoll can be found at:


Released versions

Released versions of PlonePopoll are available here. The current version is 2.5.1.

CVS version

The repository contains the up-to-date versions of our source code. In order to get the HEAD branch of PlonePopoll, use :


You can also browse the CVS with your browser.



Please take time the read the Readme


  • Can I install or remove PlonePopoll easily ?

    Yes, using the CMF QuickInstaller Tool.

  • I see the result but i can't vote, why ?

    The poll is probably disabled.

  • I have voted twice, does it matter ?

    No, only your last answer that is kept.

  • After having installed PlonePopoll 2.1, my Plone site raises an exception, what can I do ?

    If you upgrade PlonePopoll from version 2.0x, you have to use the migration script. Restart the server. Create in your plone site folder (from zmi) an external method * Module : PlonePopoll.doMigration * Method : doMigration * Save and test.



PlonePopoll changes

[v2.5 - 20062403 ] - CVS

  • Updated for Archetypes
  • Added greek translation thanks to Menelaos Maglis
  • added show_id method to PlonePopoll for forward compatability to Plone 2.5

[v2.4 - 20051205]

  • Use toLocalizedTime
  • Added FTests
  • Removed superfluous
  • Don't loose answers when error
  • Error handling for answers
  • Number of choices field after answers field!
  • Poll enabled by default
  • Newest poll as default
  • Work on the i18n files. Only fr, de and en are now fully up to date.
  • Integrated nl translation, thanks to Michael Reitsma
  • Removed some debugging code in that was hidden in HTML comments and called resultObject.aq_explicit.aq_parent.aq_parent.Type(), but no Type method was found.
  • Make Installation work with Plone 2.1
  • Move permission installation from to
  • Move Permissions to
  • Install doesn't call setupMessageCatalog any more because it doesn't work with Plone 2.1.
  • polls2 : remove the displaying of the container type
  • translation changes (de, es)

[v2.3 - 2005-02-04]

  • Fixed the test on the number of choices
  • Fixed a cache bug in ZODB

[v2.1 - 20040616]

  • Multiple choice authorized for one poll

[v2.0 - 20040323]

  • Plone 2.0 support
  • Clear button to clear poll votes

[v2.0Beta1 - 20031218]

  • Plone2.0 support

[v1.0 - 20031205]

  • Fixed ZODB pb.
  • Minor cosmetic changes

[v0.3 - 20030514]

  • Added I18N install automation support

[v0.0 - 20030417]

  • Bugfix : Made getUnicityFactor Plone-user compliant : the same Plone user cannot vote (distinctly) several times.

PlonePopoll ChangeLog is also available for detailed informations.