Another milestone on the road to Zen with Ingeniweb components
Latest version : 2.02


> An Plone portlet integrating different search engines <

About PloneSearchBox

An Plone portlet integrating different search engines

PloneSearchBox has been designed by the INGENIWEB team.


Screenshots of the administration interface.


The edit form of portal searchbox.


The view of a PloneSearchBox.


A generated complex form.



(c)2003 Ingeniweb


  • Untar it ! :-)


  • Create an external method at your Plone's root with the following information:

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 18)

    Literal block expected; none found.

    id: InstallPloneSearchBox

    title: Whatever you want

    module: PloneSearchBox.Install

    function: install

  • Click the test tab of this External Method and ensure the execution is correct. Double check messages prefixed by '***', they may indicate an error.

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 26); backlink

    Inline strong start-string without end-string.

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WHAT IS PloneSearchBox ?

PloneSearchBox is a compoment for Plone. It allows users to access quickly to a search tool. The Search can be done on the entire site, the current section of the site, or directly in search engine like google.

A tool is installed on the root site : portal_searchbox. Through the ZMI it allows to change what are the search engines proposed. In the textarea enter a search engine per line. This must be formated like folowed : engine_name;engine_url?search=%(text)s

Don't forget the semi colon. %(text)s is the pattern that will be replaced by the ressearched text. If there are several pattern, text will be the label of the input box in the generated form.

If what is between the parantheses is different of text, it will be taken as label for the input field.

In the search_tool engine's list, add commented line with #.

Technical details

The form is generated depending on the url by javascript. Url can be added in the ZMI. If an url is like that engine_url?arg=%(argument)s&argt2=%(argument2)s, the form will have 2 input boxes one with the label 'argument' and the other with the label 'argument2'


Released versions

Released versions of PloneSearchBox are available here. The current version is 2.02.

CVS version

The repository contains the up-to-date versions of our source code. In order to get the HEAD branch of PloneSearchBox, use :

cvs -z3 co PloneSearchBox

You can also browse the CVS with your browser.



Please take time the read the Readme


How can I change the websearch engines list ?

In the Zmi, go in the portal_searchbox tool. There is a textarea in the configure panel where line can be added.

How can I remove the local site search or the rubric search ?

In the Zmi, go in the portal_searchbox tool. There are 2 checkbox.

Can i use some more complicated forms ?

Yes the form is generated from the pattern given in the zmi. The pattern is url-like but it contains expression that will be replaced.

For example :

Only %(argValue)s and %(argValue2)s will be replaced by what the user is entering in the form.



PloneSearchBox changes


  • configlet

[2.02 - 20051028]

  • Make Installation work with Plone 2.1
  • Zope Security added in portal_searchbox
  • When engine list is empty, the list is 'really' deleted.

[2.01 20040706]

  • 2.01 Release

[2.0 - 20040322]

  • Plone 2.0 final compliant

[2.0Beta1 - 20040106]

  • Compatible Plone 2 and Plone 1

[1.2 20031223]

  • i18n
  • choose the label of your input field or remove them
  • add comment in your searchbox_tool list of engine
  • more default engines

[1.1 20031216]

  • View the search result in the same site.
  • Keyword are kept in memory when search is done in an other window

[1.0 - 20030806]

  • PloneSearchBox Standard

PloneSearchBox ChangeLog is also available for detailed informations.