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> Share and browse calendar files in Plone, and manage them in your calendar application. <

About PloneiCalendar

Share and browse calendar files in Plone, and manage them in your calendar application.

PloneiCalendar has been designed by the INGENIWEB team.


Screenshots of the administration interface.


The PloneiCalendar portlet


Event details




Full CSS calendar views


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Month view


Quick browse icons




What is PloneiCalendar ?

PloneiCalendar is a product designed by Ingeniweb to handle calendar files in Plone. It is based on the iCalendar file format (see What is iCalendar ?).

Once an PloneiCalendar is created in Plone, you can share it with other users or groups (you can give read or write permissions), browse it by day, week and month or modify it by using standard calendar applications like Mozilla Calendar or Apple iCal (or Ximian Evolution or KOrganizer or whatever you want - may be even Microsoft Outlook ;) ).

What is iCalendar ?

iCalendar is a standard text file format for calendar files. iCalendar can be used to share personal calendaring information between applications of your choice whether they are personal information managers, email systems or web browsers.

For further information, read the RFC 2445 (Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar)).


  • Upload and download your calendars in Plone
  • Give permissions to users or groups to view/modify your calendars
  • Browse your calendars by day, week or month
  • Instantly find all your calendars with the included portlet
  • View the event details
  • All-day events and most recurring events are supported
  • Handling of simultaneous events, even in complex cases (see screenshot)
  • Handling of i18n date formats (currently, english and french formats can be displayed)
  • Cool look'n'feel : color integration with your plone site, personalization of the color of your calendars, 100% pure CSS in the calendar views (no table used)

Quick overview

  • The PloneiCalendar portlet :
  • Event details :
  • Events :
  • Full CSS calendar views :
  • Month view :
  • Quick browse icons :
  • Tooltips :

Installation notes :

PloneiCalendar requires :

  • your iCalendar files ;)

Untar the product in the "Products" folder of zope. The installation is fully automatic, use the quickinstaller tool in your portal.

If you update PloneiCalendar, you must reinstall the product in your Plone site.

At the installation of the product, two roles are created : LocalReader and LocalWriter. These roles will be used as local roles, to allow access to icalendar products in plone.

If you want to share your calendars with Webdav, you can have a look at "How to make a calendar server with Plone 2" .

How does it work ?

It works like a classic file in Plone.

Go in the user folder. Add an iCalendar object.

Fill in the form :

  • Give a title, it will be the name of your iCalendar.
  • Give a short description.
  • Choose a color for your events
  • Upload an existing ics file (if any)

Note that all fields are optionnal. If no title is given, a random id is generated. If no ics file is given, the product proposes a blank ics file. If you don't choose a color, the global background color of your Plone site will be chosen.

Share my iCalendar

You can share your iCalendar. Click on sharing. This screen is showing the users or the groups that have local permissions on your iCalendar.

Permissions :

  • LocalReader can only see an icalendar but cannot modify it.
  • LocalWriter can see and modify an icalendar.

Note that when you create an icalendar, you are shown in sharing view as LocalWriter.

You can choose to assign local roles to group or to users.

NB : This screen is NOT the sharing tab of Plone 2; it's a simplified and specialiserd version for PloneiCalendar

View my iCalendar

There are several ways to see an iCalendar.

Using Plone :

The default view of the iCalendar object is a day view. You can change the view using the quick browse icons to view your calendar by week or by month. Note that the rounded corners of events can only be seen with Mozilla compatible browsers (like Firefox).

Use an application :

In the iCalendar 'Links' tab, the link "Click here to view the file" launches your default application to see calendar files.

Modify my iCalendar

To modify your iCalendar, you must have LocalWriter role (read : you must own this calendar or be allowed by its owner to write into it)

with Mozilla Calendar :

In the iCalendar 'Links' tab, click to view the iCalendar and modify it. Do not forget to publish it.

with iCal :

You have to subscribe to an iCalendar (with its webdav url).

You can find further information about setting up a calendar server here :


  • Thanks to Calendaring and Sidnei da Silva (Enfold Systems) for the iCal parser (derived from the SchoolTool project)

Roadmap / Future developments

  • Time zones handling
  • More iCalendar attributes recognized (for example the 'BYDAY', 'BYMONTH'... attributes in recurring events)
  • Better printing support
  • Simultaneous display of several calendars (volunteers needed)
  • Calendar editing directly from Plone (volunteers needed)
  • Code cleaning


We welcome your feedback, and are especially interested in bug reports. You can add a bug report to the bug tracker .


PloneiCalendar can be downloaded from SourceForge .

Further information can be found here .

You can also have a look at all products designed by the Ingeniweb team on SourceForge .

All releases are under an Open-Source license (GPL licence).

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Released versions

Released versions of PloneiCalendar are available here. The current version is 1.1.

CVS version

The repository contains the up-to-date versions of our source code. In order to get the HEAD branch of PloneiCalendar, use :

cvs -z3 co PloneiCalendar

You can also browse the CVS with your browser.



Please take time the read the Readme


How can i add a PloneiCalendar ?
Under the Plone site, in a folder of Plone where you have the rights. Select iCalendar list of item and click 'add item'.

What is iCalendar ?

iCalendar is a standard text file format for calendar files. For further information, read the "RFC 2445":



PloneiCalendar changes

  • Make Installation work with Plone 2.1

1.* - 2005-03-29

  • W3c -> xhtml validation

1.0 - 20040901

  • Automatic parsing of the calendar after a WebDAV update
  • Added a basic lock verification for WebDAV transactions
  • Added missing i18n translations
  • Documentation updated
  • Added credits for the iCal parser in README.txt

1.0Beta3 - 20040811

  • Fixed a "ValueError : invalid literal for int(): %s" on Windows platforms
  • Updated documentation
  • Removed a useless page template (
  • Added an ImportError message if used with Python < 2.3

1.0Beta2 - 20040810

  • Fixed a "string index out of range" when updated from PloneiCalendar 0.1
  • Fixed a ZPT bug with Zope 2.6

1.0Beta1 - 20040810

  • First version with calendar views

PloneiCalendar ChangeLog is also available for detailed informations.